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About Advani Law Ticket App

The objective of the project is to create a system for lawyers to solve cases online and manage the Users Tickets. With the System user can create a ticket and upload all the relevant documents for their case and then can pay the ticket amount online. After submitting documents and making payment user can also download the agreement.

Project Requirements:

  • Admin Dashboard : We created Admin Dashboard to manage users and their tickets, payment credentials, Facebook and Gmail API keys, Dropbox API and attached Documents.
  • User Dashboard : We created User Dashboard to track ticket and manage document attachment followed by online payments.
  • Dropbox Integration : Dropbox integration is done to store user ticket documents
  • Gmail and Facebook Integration : Gmail and Facebook Integration is done for User login with Gmail and Facebook.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration: Stripe Payment gateway integration is done foe user to make online payments.

Our Strategy:

With the dedicated team of web developers, designers, testers and market analysts, we create a vigorous methodology for creating an application in an innovative and responsive style. As per the requirement of the project, we created a system that helps lawyers solve cases online and manage the Users Tickets.
We, firstly, gathered the information and data from Advani Ticket Law Group, discussed the requirement and studied the business environment to understand the project goals better.

Next, we came up with the 2 version of designs for the applications, created prototype and finally chose one design for the application after discussing with the client.

After finalizing the design and integrating various elements, we made all the elements of the application functional Next, our testers reviewed all the elements, made sure that application is operating properly on all devices and tested it as per the requirement of the client.


There were many challenges in developing the system as per the client’s requirement and few of them are as:

  • Flow and Process : The project is all about the user and admin use case combination. Therefore the biggest challenge was to manage the flow and process while building the app.
  • Security :Basically this project is for helping the user to solve their law issue online. User can upload their sensitive data and document and there is also a flow of payment therefore Security is very important and it was challenging to make sure that the app is all secure.
  • Third-Party Integration :Third-Party Integration like Gmail and Facebook Integration, Dropbox Integration, Stripe Payment Gateway Integration and managing all was also challenging.

Our Solution:

At first, we understood the client requirements well and planned the Flow and Strategy to build the app that meets client’s requirement. We regularly communicated with client assuring that the flow of the project is all going well.

We started building this app using Codeigniter Framework because as per our expertise and experience Codeigniter was the best option to choose for such application and it also fulfils the project needs like Security, Structure, Flow, etc.


We succeed to build an app that is very user-friendly, secure and helpful for client to serve the service to their customers. The responsive design, fast loading and easy navigation options worked great to bring new customers.
We also offered full control of the website admin to the client and shared tutorial and document on how to manage admin back end of the application.

The client was very satisfied with our work and they appreciated the team’s efforts.

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