Borrow and Lend Record App

About the App:

Are you the one who borrows money from any of your friends/colleagues & tend to forget about paying back? Or do you have any friends who did it with you. Obviously Yes, because we are Human Being.

But this can cause a severe impact on the receiver’s side if the amount gets multiplied. Spoiling friendship can be the worst scenario.

So now, you don’t have to worry as everything will be recorded like a bank with a simple application called Borrow Lend. This is free Android Application that will help in maintaining a record of transactions done with the friends/colleagues/cousins. You can make a systematic list of people to whom you have lent money or borrowed it from.

Privacy Policy

  • We won’t spam you or sell your personal information for marketing purposes. We limit the data we share with third parties.
  • We may use your email/phone, usage and expense information.
  • We may use photo/camera access for profile pic only.
  • We may use contact access to add users.
  • We may use publicly available information about your email address or phone number to help you during support or personalize your experience, including ads or offers.
  • We allow you to delete or overwrite your data at any time (and will not hold your data hostage, i.e, will try and provide a way for you to export it), but some data may be retained in backups.
  • On App, transactions are only visible to the people directly involved, or with the group the transaction is classified under.

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