What’s better: Custom Word Press Theme or Premium Theme?

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So you’re all set for launching a website with Word Press and Obviously Design and functionality must be at the forefront of your mind and you have planned almost everything for your website right??

You Choose Word Press and It’s such a great website platform that it provides an ease to marketing people and managing the site content. It’s also surprisingly scalable but before proceeding forward the only decision you need to take is about the Word Press theme.

Word press provides many options for themes and plugins. Word Press theme is a great option as it gives a beautiful and impactful appearance of your website. With Word Press, you can go two ways:

  • You can either build a custom theme or else
  • You can purchase a pre-built theme and then have it customized.

Let’s explore the answer of the question

“Should you use pre-build or Custom Word Press themes for the website”?

It’s actually all up to you whether your needs get fulfilled by a pre-built theme or if you need a fully custom theme developed for your design and idea. Word Press themes seem awesome, but certainly they have some pros and cons, so here are some insights that you can go through for the better understanding about custom and Premium Word Press themes.

Custom theme



Why to develop custom themes when you can have themes from the market at reasonable price?

The answer is pretty simple where millions and millions of blogs are running on Word Press, any pre-made theme may be used by not just a few others – but many. So, If you are choosing Custom theme that means you will be the only person or company online sporting that theme. You have a big advantage in terms of setting yourself apart from the competition and having unique design is always better.

Also, custom Word Press theme gives you feasibility to add custom elements that you need .When you do a custom theme, everything looks a bit more professional and well-suited for your company and it will help you to attain success in your targeted business niche.


Building a custom theme costs considerably more money than the pre-built themes.

The other thing you should consider is future updates and bugs, make sure whether they are going to be addressed by the developer or not.

Pre-built theme



Today an entire industry has sprung up that markets pre-built theme — from free themes to those that require a license fee. Using a pre-built Word Press theme is great for saving money and time both while some themes may be more expensive than others. Word Press themes are future-proof, not every theme, but the best ones all come with regular Updates, support and an active community that can be helped with customizations, troubleshooting, etc.

The disadvantage is that you’re using a theme that’s used by hundreds or even thousands of other people. Pre-made theme you choose comes with limited customizability also theme may not be responsive and it will take time and another designer for making it responsive or for changing the theme’s CSS.

Final Thoughts
Your website is extremely important for your business. It needs to be visually attractive, user friendly and highly functional, so whatever you decide (pre-made or custom) you have to take as many factors into account as possible before making your final choice.
Idea of Pre-build themes doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket also Pre-build themes are easily available. Therefore, if you are short on budget, they are a great option. On the other hand, if budget is not an issue for you and is secondary thing and you are ready to deal with occasional updates you should go for Custom themes.

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