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What is Child Theme & Why it is important?

What is Child Theme:

A Child Theme is basically a Theme that acquires the functionalities and looks of another Theme – the Parent Theme.

The entire thought of a Child Theme is that you can alter, and add to the functionalities of that parent Theme without adjusting it specifically. The Parent Theme stays in place, everything is assembled inside of the Child Theme.

However, this sounds like extra work, isn’t that so? Why might you need to play around with Child Theme on the off chance that you can basically adjust the Parent theme you really need to change?

Why you ought to utilize Child theme?

Most importantly, in case you’re not anticipating altering your subject then Child Theme will be of no use to you.

Yet, in the event that you need customization then there are beneath primary advantages of utilizing Child Theme as a part of correlation to altering a theme straightforwardly.

In case you’re utilizing a Child Theme you don’t need to stress over any overhauls or updates. At whatever point the Word Press updates just the Parent theme will be upgraded, and all that you’ve coded in Child Theme stays in place.

You realize what you’ve changed If you’re utilizing a Child Theme, in any case, then there’s no such issue. Each change can be found in the Child Theme File.

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