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WEB 3.0 is coming soon

Web 3.0 is coming soon or in other words third generation web is coming soon. The internet market keeps on getting crowded with every passing day and boast of hi-tech environment. This is the reason of evolution of web; it is entering into a new phase. Web 3.0 is somewhere updated version of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 focuses on major themes, including AJAX, social networking, folksonomies, lightweight collaboration, social bookmarking and media sharing. There is a lot more innovations and practices of Web 2.0 will continue to develop. It is the one of the milestone in the vast journey of web.

Web 3.0 is an upgrade version of web 2.0 then it’s quite sure that it’ll be more connected, open and intelligent as compare to semantic web technologies, distributed database, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning and autonomous agents.

 Evolution OF Web

Web 1.0:

  • It is initiated with the idea of putting content of web and push towards users.
  • Everything is so limited whether content, creativity or business.

Web 2.0:

  • It is initiated with the idea of providing new platforms which helps user to generate content themselves.
  • You can publish; all people can publish which boost human progress.
  • Problem with web 2.0 is nobody gets paid. So, ultimately it results in no revolution.

Web 3.0:

  • This tried to overcome the issue which users were facing in 2.0 versions. It came into picture with an idea of business.
  • It focuses on making money for a creative mind instantly.
  • Everybody is becoming an entrepreneur and managing his/ her media business.
  • Business platforms empower everyone to become an entrepreneur.

Benefits of Web 3.0

  • Provide easy to use publishing tools for everyone.
  • Look and feel is great and content can be published in one click.
  • No more advanced computer knowledge is required.
  • Full scale media management tool for everyone.
  • Marketing, retention and controlling tool for everyone.
  • Author and platform works together as a team.

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