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Top 6 SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Here is a short introduction to some of the best WordPress plugins for SEO available in the market these days:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: It is hailed by many as the topmost plugins available. Packed with an array of features, it helps a great deal in dealing with the technical aspects and assists in writing quality content. It compels users to use targeted keywords which can then spread throughout the content. It has a rather long list of useful features, including snipper previews, page analysis, link elements, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, Google News SEO module etc.
  • All-in-One SEO Pack: This is yet another WP plugin that is stuffed with useful features. It can easily perform some basic SEO tasks, such as optimizing titles and generating meta tags. In addition, it also supports Google Analytics, advanced canonical URLs and fine-tuning page navigation links. You can also spot save your website from duplicate content by using this plugin. Moreover, it is one of the few plugins that assist in the SEO integration of WordPress sites.
  • SEO Ultimate: Yet another powerful plugin that is loaded with pretty useful features. You can rewrite title tags, edit meta descriptions, and use anchor text to create deep links. Rich snippet creator, author highlighter, link mask generator, canonicalize, 404 monitors, permalink tweaker, and slug optimizer are some of the other powerful features that come along with this plugin.
  • FV Simpler SEO Pack: It is a pretty useful tool for writers as it minimizes their efforts to the highest possible extent. By installing this plugin, writers will no longer be confused between keyword tags and keywords in the meta description.
  • Broken Link Checker: As the name suggests, it makes the task of locating broken links on your website a lot simpler. It achieves the objective by monitoring the posts, pages, comments and blogrolls, among others. It then sends the notification via Dashboard or email.
  • SEO Friendly Images: You no longer have to invest time in adding alt and title attributes of the images on your website. This plugin does the job for you. If any of the images on your website does not have alt or title attributes, the plug adds them to the images and automatically optimizes the content.

Improve your WordPress SEO with Yoast Plugin

Want to improve the SEO of your WordPress blog? Then download a very useful plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. Here are a few reasons why you should download it:

  • Premium Support: You will have to buy the premium WordPress SEO plugin to get one-on-one email support. You can also check out the Local SEO and Video extensions for extra support.
  • Improve the quality of your content: The snippet preview allows you to see how exactly your post would look in search results and whether your content, such as title and meta descriptions, is appropriate for search results or not. Thus, it allows you to improve the rankings as well as the click-through rate of your site.
  • Page Analysis: It has a functionality called Linkdex Page Analysis which does simple yet useful things. For example, it will check whether the images on your posts have an alt tag or not, if they are long enough and whether you have provided meta descriptions with focus keywords or not. Moreover, it also assists in writing meta titles and descriptions for different categories, tags and custom taxonomy archives.
  • Technical WordPress SEO: This plugin guides you through some important settings and automatically optimizes and inserts the meta tags, making your site more search engine friendly.
  • Meta and Link Elements: WordPress SEO plugin, you can also control Google’s search engine results. It will automatically guide search engines to show only your first page in the search results. In addition, it also makes canonical link elements everywhere rather than just on single pages.
  • XML Sitemaps: The plugin boasts of the most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality. The moment you check the box, WordPress SEO will automatically create XML sitemaps and simultaneously inform search engines of these sitemaps’ existence. As this sitemap also includes images on our content, it makes them easily searchable too. The sitemaps work with sites of all sizes and custom post types as well. You can remove them whenever you feel the need to.
  • RSS Optimization: One interesting feature of the WordPress SEO plugin is that it automatically adds a link to your RSS feed which links back to the original content. In this way, search engines can be easily notified where exactly the original content exists, helping you get rid of scrappers in quick time.
  • Breadcrumbs: If your theme is compatible, use the built-in Breadcrumbs functionality to create a user and search engine-friendly navigation.
  • Edit your .htaccess and robots.txt file: WordPress SEO also has a built-in file editor that can utilize to edit such files. It, in turn, gives you direct access to what perhaps are the most powerful files from an SEO point of view.
  • Social Integration: It has a Facebook OpenGraph implementation which allows smooth integration of social media with SEO.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Sites: Its multiple-site compatibility allows the XML sitemaps to work well with various setups. In addition, you can also copy the settings of one blog to another with ease.
  • Image and Export Functionality: If you are managing multiple blogs simultaneously, this is a pretty useful plugin to have as the settings can be exported and then imported to the rest of your sites.
  • Built-in Import Functionality for other WordPress SEO plugins: If you have been using other plugins before installing WordPress SEO and want to import the titles and descriptions to it, then the built-in import functionality can be utilized for the purpose.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin in the language of your choice: The plugin will soon be available in 24 languages.
  • News SEO: If you search Google News Sitemaps, then hit the News SEO module. Its integration with WordPress SEO allows you to utilize the power of News Sitemaps and SEO simultaneously.


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