The significance of having a Responsive website in SEO

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In the year 1997, there were around 1 million websites while 10 years down the road that number rose to 150 million. In the year of 2007, there were approximately 1 million cell phone websites, and this figure is thought to get to 150 million by the year 2017. It is apparent that websites that are mobile friendly would be increasing exponentially in the impending years. With cell phone devices taking over PC’s, not having a cell phone friendly website is similar to committing a great business blunder.

Why Have a Site that is Responsive, Mobile Friendly?

Growth of smart phones: Smart phones have turned out to be inexpensive over the course of past few years. Such devices are exceptional for hand held surfing. With increase in sale of smart phones, it is only sensible that companies do have a website that is able to be browsed without difficulty on such devices.

Popularity of cell phone internet: Going by studies, approximately 40% of those having cell phones use it for venturing online, and 50 % of such people are going to venture online no less than once per day. This does present an enormous opening for a business.

Inexpensive alternative: Since cell phone screens differ a great deal from PC screens, the design of the website must change in view of that. It is a fairly economical process and not awfully lengthy either.

Employment of GPS: GPS is technology that is of great use. It is brought into play by numerous cell phone users for finding out crucial things / directions. They moreover use it for finding services / businesses in close proximity.

Do not let the competition get the better of you: People are fond of browsing as they travel. Nevertheless, on finding that the sites that they generally used on the PCs they own are not cell phone compatible, they could ultimately switch to a website providing comparable services and that is cell phone compatible also.

SEO: To have a cell phone friendly site also is of help in SEO as it aids in improving rankings on cell phone friendly search engines like yahoo/Google.

The other reasons for having a Responsive Website Design that is mobile friendly website are that it is compatible with every platform, has 2D bar codes and provides enhanced user experience.

So why are you waiting for? Contact us today to create Responsive website or to convert existing website into mobile friendly websites and increase your website conversion rate.


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