The Rise and Popularity of OpenCart

With internet penetrating the nook and corner of the world, businesses began to be conducted online and thus the e-commerce boom. Every business took to the online medium for survival and growth and so e-commerce companies flourished and the need for open source e-commerce platforms arose. OpenCart is one of the most powerful and free open source platforms for e-commerce. To build an online store, you can make use of this platform as it is reliable and offers a wide array of features.

 Why Opt for OpenCart?

  • Open Source and Free
  • Reliable Platform
  • Feature rich
  • Search Engine Friendly Platform
  • Portals and online shopping stores that are built using OpenCart offer a wonderful user experience and are visually appealing.
  • Ease of Use – Just download, install and begin developing!
  • Documentation Support

 Features of OpenCart

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Provides Multi -lingual support
  • Provides Multi –currency support
  • Powerful Error Logging Features
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Allows setting up of numerous tax zones
  • More than 8 Shipping Methods
  • Secure

Owing to its feature rich nature and flexibility, OpenCart Development is very popular in e-commerce circles and in case you wish to launch your own shopping website, you should most certainly consider OpenCart as the base for your building your website. In fact, apart from the above mentioned features there are a few others that might tip the scales in OpenCart’s favour while you consider the platform for development and they are: unlimited categories, unlimited products, and attractive templates, discount coupon system, sales reporting, and shipping weight calculation for products, ratings and reviews for products and so on. Thus, it is no wonder that OpenCart is the popular choice amongst those looking at building online shopping stores and portals.

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