Shopify and Woocommerce-Two Trends While Choosing an Eocommerce Platform!

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Shopify vs WooCommerce

Are the two most attractive and effortless-to-use eCommerce platforms in the present scenario.

Shopify and WooCommerce has their individual tenacity and can be the one stop solution for you to develop an eCommerce store by your own without any indulgence of professional designers or developers.

Before starting your online business, you usually stuck around numerous questions such as, Shopify or WooCommerce, which one is a good fit for your business (for creating an outstanding online shop)? Which is more feature-rich? Which is cheaper? Which is better-looking? Which is more flexible? Which is the easiest to work with?

Various questions pop-up in our mind before starting an online business , in this in – depth comparison we will answer all your questions. So, let’s begin with in-depth comparison of Shopify vs WooCommerce to see which one is the absolute best:

Design :-

When we talk about starting an e-commerce store, design is something which plays the most vital role. Shopify’s unique selling point is the visual quality of its themes, they look outstanding, something like out of the box. More than 54 different store templates, of which 10 are free, are inbuilt in Shopify. Each of the themes has exclusive variations.

On the contrary, WooCommerce is a plugin created by the developers from WooThemes (and acquired by Automattic). Basically, WooCommerce doesn’t deliver any precise design attributes on its own. What it does is provides you with the means to sell products and services online. The design part, however, is left to your current or future WordPress theme.

Frankly speaking, WooCommerce is much more beneficial than Shopify when it comes to designs. Shopify has wonderful themes, but they’re limited to what you can find in the Shopify Theme Store. WooCommerce, on the contrary, is opensource so lot many developers sell (or give away) incredible WooCommerce themes across various verticals.

Features :-

When it comes to features, Shopify and WooCommerce, both play individual role. While starting your online business , if you ever come across a dilemma that which e-commerce platform is feature oriented then you don’t have to worry much as both Shopify and WooCommerce have best of features, you can directly choose based upon the choice of your preference. But if we talk upon detailed description, then, Shopify is more of laser-focused solution. Whatever Shopify offers makes your online store much more functional and easy to use.

On the contrary, WooCommerce platform is extremely feature-rich and it doesn’t lack any specific eCommerce features. However, it’s still an add-on to WordPress, making it more complex to configure.Lastly, there’s no clear winner when feature parameter is compared. Shopify and WooCommerce have everything that a standard eCommerce setup would need.

Ease of use :-

Shopify is a subscription-based online tool in which all you need to do is visit, click the signup button, go through a basic setup wizard, and you are all on it’s way. On the contrary, WooCommerce is just as easy to use as Shopify but the problem arises while setting up the store. Basically, since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and not a subscription-based solution like Shopify, this means that you need to handle a couple of things which includes , getting a domain name , sign up for a hosting account , installing wordpress and finding and installing WordPress theme. Because of this initial haphazard of setting up a WooCommerce store, Shopify seems to be easier in use.

Conclusion :-

Shopify and WooCommerce, both are robust platforms to start your eCommerce store. It’s truly matter of choice based upon your business goals and requirements. Shopify seems to be easy in use, you don’t have to install anything, and you can initiate as quickly as possible. Payments for setting up are way too easy, and the pricing plans are easy to understand. Shopify has an disadvantage as well as it has no control over the cost, which can go high with transaction fees, add-ons, and integrations.

On the contrary WooCommerce is open source and gives you full control of your website. To start an online store, cost required is way too less with WooCommerce hosting comapnies. WooCommerce also has an disadvantage as well that you’ll have to maintain the software.

If you are in a search of cost-effective solution, and you need full control of your online store in your hand then WooCommerce is the right choice. Whereas if you are in a search of something that has no hap-hazard involved , then Shopify is the right fit for you .

We hope this blog helped you in choosing the right e-commerce platform among Shopify and WooCommerce.

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