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SEO vs. PPC – Differences and an Integrated Approach

Budding businesses often get stuck at one decision – SEO or PPC?

No doubt, both SEO and PPC share the common of driving traffic to your website. But, each of them applies a different strategy to attract the audience.

Broadly, while SEO is an organic method of getting visitors for your site, a PPC campaign needs investment to drive visitors. That means the company’s financial limitations govern the decision to choose one or combine both the strategies.

Let us compare the benefits of SEO and PPC to decide whether you should select one or integrate them.

SEO vs. PPC – The Advantages

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1.SEO drives brand awareness.

When you rank your website with targeted keywords, your audience is highly likely to know your brand if they are searching for your services.

2. It improves brand image.

If you present your business as an answer to their informational query with relevant search terms, they appreciate your brand authority and would like to buy from you. Therefore, robust keyword research is a must while doing SEO.

3. Credibility is associated with higher rankings.

When your business website pops up on the top of search results, the searchers get approval that your business is credible and can solve their problems.

4.Organic results bring website traffic.

On-page SEO results in increased website traffic if you’re able to rank your website content with an effective optimization of your site and its elements like Title, meta description, and visual content.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

1.PPC campaign provides a significant position on the SERPs.

Paid search ads are more reachable to the customers. Usually, a desktop screen displays four ads while a mobile screen displays three ads to your audience.

2. You have more control over your messages.

PPC offers you a platform to equip more space for your marketing ads to add information like calls, locations, pricing, etc. Such ads dominate over other organic results.

3. You can showcase your products on PLAs.

PPC ads can be the best platform to display your top-selling items over the web if you’re into the retail industry. Just add your products in the Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to allow people to click on exactly what they want.

4. PPC ads are highly targeted and speedy.

The benefits of PPC are not limited to visuals. While organic searches may bring you leads in a significant period of time, PPC ads don’t take much time to convert. They are only visible to people with a buying intent, therefore, making your marketing highly segmented.

Which one should you select, or should you adopt a combined strategy?

The main battle starts when your mind is confused about choosing between SEO and PPC or integrating them. While both the strategies have their own standards, yet capitalizing on just one can be less profitable. You need a combined approach to grow your business and drive more leads.

Here’s why SEO and PPC are the best when used together

1.Improved Visibility

Your website’s visibility experiences a spike when you combine the SEO strategies with PPC ads. The SERPs will be displaying your business when you put in the right efforts to capitalize on both. Even if your search terms rank on the top positions, you should not halt your PPC campaigns. Leveraging both techniques can help you to increase traffic to your website and establish your business credibility.

2. Keyword Data for the overall strategy

You get an advanced analysis of what is working well for you when you run both SEO and PPC campaigns together. Check your metrics and gain insights on which of the keywords led to higher conversion rates. Use those search terms to improve your overall content strategy.

3. What works of PPC can work for SEO

You can summarize the results of PPC to implement in your SEO strategy. Monitor which PPC ads improve your conversion rates and generate ideas to use them in your title tags, meta descriptions, and page content to secure higher rankings. While implementing PPC ads, the results are immediate, and you can quickly frame your strategy. Using the same with SEO may take time and would not assure you if these would work for PPC.

4. Embrace remarketing with SEO and PPC

Your leads often get distracted after only one visit. They may compare your products with other services to select the best available option. Remarketing is an excellent effort to bring back your leads to your storefronts. Just track their activity and find which products they were interested in. Display those items in the Product Listing Ads). When they search for services again, they will find their preferred goods right on your website. Now, put your SEO strategy to work for providing robust user experience to your potential customers. Hire SEO expert to assist you.   

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