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Remote working- For those who don’t like going to office

To be considered as working at office, you don’t need to physically be present in the office building. Thanks to technology, you can do the same work everyone is doing at the office from your home. Such jobs are called with so many names like ‘remote jobs’ or work from home jobs or telecommunication jobs-reason being you are working from a remote location like at your home and only communicating to the company over phone or email. This type of working has always been there in companies, but has never been as popular as it is today.

There are so many ways in which working remote is beneficial. It saves you big time on costs and is very economical. Employees also can choose their work conditions and can work in their own comfortable environment which makes them work more efficiently and effectively.

Why remote working?

Employees of today are demanding more and more flexibility in their working hours and work place because for them, commuting and travel expenses are a problem. That is why they choose remote working. Employees get to work on their own terms and that keeps them happy and efficiently working.

Benefits of Remote working

Remote working benefits not just the employees but also the employers as well. Here are some benefits of remote working.

  • Staff will be more productive: If employees are allowed to work on their own terms, they will work more efficiently and be more productive. Working like that is beneficial to the employer and also to the company. Employees will also be happy to work and to meet their deadlines.
  • Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly is not just about saving fuel to commute but also about the electricity used in the office building. It saves the employer money on office supplies. It saves expensive office costs and other equipment costs. So, it is a total benefit to the employer.
  • Keeps the employee in good health: Commuting daily by car, public transport and all sorts of means to reach office on time might have effects of one’s health at sometimes. The employee doesn’t need to go through all the hassle of travelling every single day. Because no one enjoys their everyday travel to the office, do they? Definitely not!
  • Set your own schedule: In going to an office to work, the employee has to work in a fixed cycle like 9am to 5pm. That can get boring and very tiring at times. While working remotely, the employee can change his/her working hours depending on their own time preferences. This is one of the major advantages of remote working.
  • Dress as you like: Formals every day to work? That can be tiring- wake up, search for clothes, make sure they are well ironed with no stains and everything. Well, there is no dress code while you are working from home, so you can work in your pyjamas too until noon! No one gets to question that!
  • Less stress: The stress on the employee is very low. It can be said the remote working gives a sense of stability that no 9am to pm office can offer. The working conditions and environment can be controlled and changed as per the choice of the employee. He/she gets to spend more time with his family and that actually helps in relaxing.
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