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The Best Kept Secrets About Remote Working

To be considered as working at office, you don’t need to physically be present in the office building. Thanks to technology, you can do the same work everyone is doing at the office from your home. Such jobs are called with so many names like ‘remote jobs’ or work from home jobs or telecommunication jobs-reason being you are working from a remote location like at your home and only communicating to the company over phone or email. This type of working has always been there in companies, but has never been as popular as it is today.

There are so many ways in which working remote is beneficial. It saves you big time on costs and is very economical. Employees also can choose their work conditions and can work in their own comfortable environment which makes them work more efficiently and effectively.

Amazing Tools Helpful for Remote Working.

Good Reasons To Become A Remote Developer

Employees of today are demanding more and more flexibility in their working hours and work place because for them, commuting and travel expenses are a problem. That is why they choose remote working. Employees get to work on their own terms and that keeps them happy and efficiently working.

Remote Work From Home

Working remotely sucks! Well, this an oft repeated sentiment that developers who are not comfortable with handling outsourced tasks make. But is this the complete truth especially in the 21st century when the entire world has shrunk to a global village and people are comfortable with the notion of holding conversation with half a world between them?

While Yahoo may differ about hiring Remote Web Developers specifically, other major companies beg to differ. The Web developers, on the other end of the spectrum, actually love the idea of having a boss who lives on the other side of earth. Sure, it’s a nerdy thing to do but what the heck, it offers advantages unforeseen just a few years ago.

Hmm, sounds too good to be true? Check out the immense benefits that will give you the mental satisfaction of working remotely and proving to be an indispensable employee at the same time. Here goes…

  1. You do not have to Relocate– Come on admit it! The thought of being asked to take on a project in another city, another country, and even another continent leaves you cold. You do not want to disturb your lifestyle not when you have to take care of a growing family. To wrest them away from home and trying to get them settled in a faraway place with an alien culture will also interrupt with your work as a techie. You simply cannot be as productive as you were before. So follow your heart and grab the opportunity of being an outsourced developer with both hands. Surely you would value the peace of mind it entails?
  2. You become extremely Productive – Whew! You can certainly focus on your goals at work when you do not have to worry about your family or think about being punctual every day. Add the no commute clause to it and you will soon find yourself a happy man who is determined to work longer hours without a grumble simply because as a developer you do not want to rest until you have find the right solution. There are no anxious moments of trying to think about the long commute back each day and phone does not ring even once with your partner trying to find out your whereabouts.
  3. You are Appreciated-Wow! Working at your own pace in pajamas or starting work a trifle late isn’t a problem anymore. Your work as a developer is sure to be better appreciated by your boss as he actually gets to notice the results instead of dropping in unexpectedly and finding you checking out the FB posts.
  4. Communication Is Exciting– Having a team meeting online via Skype or Whats-app is definitely exciting. However, you do not suffer by working remotely unless you are prone to skipping chat sessions with your team members. Remember that the official form of communication is still the email and you will be able to keep in touch with your remote boss much in the same way you did in a conventional office.
  5. You End Up Being Healthy – Having to rush to office at the specified hour each day often leaves you stressed out. You also have to skip breakfast or lunch regularly in order to reach and complete your work on time. Working remotely negates the need for an unhealthy life style and you end up taking good care of yourself and hence are in the pink of health.

Do give remote working a shot, if you still haven’t tried it. It might actually put you in the driving seat too. Good Luck! Click here to Hire Remote Web Developer!

Benefits of Remote working

Remote working benefits not just the employees but also the employers as well. Here are some benefits of remote working.
Benefits of Remote Working


  • Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly is not just about saving fuel to commute but also about the electricity used in the office building. It saves the employer money on office supplies. It saves expensive office costs and other equipment costs. So, it is a total benefit to the employer.
  • Keeps the employee in good health: Commuting daily by car, public transport and all sorts of means to reach office on time might have effects of one’s health at sometimes. The employee doesn’t need to go through all the hassle of travelling every single day. Because no one enjoys their everyday travel to the office, do they? Definitely not!
  • Set your own schedule: In going to an office to work, the employee has to work in a fixed cycle like 9am to 5pm. That can get boring and very tiring at times. While working remotely, the employee can change his/her working hours depending on their own time preferences. This is one of the major advantages of remote working.
  • Dress as you like: Formals every day to work? That can be tiring- wake up, search for clothes, make sure they are well ironed with no stains and everything. Well, there is no dress code while you are working from home, so you can work in your pyjamas too until noon! No one gets to question that!
  • Less stress: The stress on the employee is very low. It can be said the remote working gives a sense of stability that no 9am to pm office can offer. The working conditions and environment can be controlled and changed as per the choice of the employee. He/she gets to spend more time with his family and that actually helps in relaxing.

There are also many benefits of selecting Offshore Web Development Company and hire remote Developers.

Amazing Tools or Application helpful For Remote Work

Nowadays, all of us working in offices want to work remotely. In addition, by remotely we mean, working from home. Working from home may be a blissful experience, as you do not have to meet people, and you can totally concentrate on the job at hand.

These jobs though give you a sense freedom that you won’t find at an office, there are many other things you need to keep in mind. Coordination and a proper communication with your other team members and your superior is a must to finish your work in time. You can find many tools to boost and enhance your work as well as your team experience.

Tools or Applications Important to Work Remotely

Communication and coordination form the fundamentals to building a good working environment when working remotely. The following tools are essential to enhance these fundamentals.

For Codes; GitHub

GitHub is one of the most widely used tools for people who work remotely. This app lets a code developer host the code they wrote. It offers control and management over your codes as well and if you are not a developer you can find codes that you can use.

Time Management :

You can use Asana and Hubstaff to manage and track your time allocated for projects along with your team members. These tools allow you finish your work on time. It also has a dashboard feature, which allows you to keep a track of your projects systematically.

Connect :, Google Hangouts and Skype, are widely used as meeting tools. These tools give you the option of chatting face to face with your team members situated in various parts of the world.

Project Management :

You can use the tools such as Asana, basecamp, Trello and Jira to manage your projects. With people who work from home, there are many people who work on different times. Therefore, the apps such as Asana, basecamp, Trello and Jisa help you to manage your projects. These apps let you focus on your tasks. This app gives you an overview of what the others are doing and keeps a record of your work as well. These apps provide an elaborative view of your work.

Store your Projects :

Google Drive and Drop Box, are other tools that help a remote worker. These tools are essential for you, as they store and share all your projects. These tools provide you with the option of downloading, viewing and sharing the digital form of your work with your teammates. This makes it easy to work with others and make it easier fix the project related issues right then and there.

Working remotely is truly a blissful experience. It lets people focus on the job at hand and work according to their own pace. However, remote working experience without be a total failure if proper communication and coordination with your team members for the project isn’t established. Luckily, our generation has tools and apps for every problem. Many tools are available for you that make your experience enjoyable.

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