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Real-Time Clickstream Sharing

What is Real- Time Clickstream?

In Clickstream the recording of the computer screen take place while the user is occupied in browsing or using other software applications. A clickstream is a series of page requests, with every page requested generates a signal. Clickstream analysis is fruitful for web activity analysis, Market research, software testing and for analyzing employee productivity.
In layman language clickstream is a journal which maintains each and every activity f user on the internet, including every website and each page of every website that users visits. Also, it records the time, how long user was on a page or website, what was the sequence, any sort of participation of user, email addresses that the users send and receive.

Clickstream Data

  • It is not just weblogs.
  • A click path is the sequence of links a site visitor follows
  • They are classified in two parts: Individual site’s clickstream and internal clickstream data.
  • Facebook alone occupied a lot of weblog data daily.
  • Amazon is on top of the list.

How clickstream data is collected?

  •   Web Logs:JavaScript code is not required for tracking purpose. Collection of data is done by web server. It captures all the requests including pages, images and pdfs.
  • Page Tagging: Google analytics is implemented with “Page tags”. Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) is a snippet of JavaScript code that is added by owner to every page of website. This code runs in the client browser when the client browses the page, it collects visitor data and sends it to google data collection server.

Use cases for real-time clickstream

Internet Traffic Analytics is another type of clickstream data

   Google Analytics

  • Measure how your site is performing
  • Competitor analytics
  • Social mobile analytics
  • Advertising analytics


  • Russia based
  • Banner Ads
  • Paid search
  • Email Campaign


  • User analytics platform for developers, marketers, product managers and strategic partners across social and mobile media.
  • Focuses on gaming industry –records every click of gamer.
  • Makes gaming sites more sticky .

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