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Node.js allows you to build scalable network applications using JavaScript on the server-side. Under Node.js V8 JavaScript runtime is used same runtime which is used by Chrome browser on client side.

Node.js is a program constructed on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime used for building, fast, scalable web applications. It is written in JavaScript, but can be used in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux without any changes.It uses an effect-driven, non-blocking I/O model due to which it becomes lightweight and efficient for data-intensive real-time. These applications runs single-threaded, however it can use multiple threading for file and networks as well. It is practised for real time applications due to its asynchronous nature.


Uses of Node.js:

  • Websocket Server:  It is like a chat server, where lots of browsers are connected to a server. In which chat is going on, sending messages back and forth between client and server and socket remains open.
  • Fast file upload client: When you think about uploading huge files in such a way that it won’t block other operations. So, it’ll help in uploading more then one file at a time. There is no overlapping, process goes on parellely.
  • Ad Server: This is a very rapid process in which all the ads or the images are spread all over the others website for the purpose of advertisement.
  • Real-time data appliction: Not just only from internet, browser or server even local network server can also be good friend of Node.js.


Please don’t get confused

  • Not a Web Framework: It is low level network communication.
  • Not for beginners: As we are talking about network communication, so it can’t be used by beginners.
  • Not a multi-threaded application: Applications written as it is for single-threaded server.

Why JavaScript only?

Creater of Node Ryan Da said “JavaScript has certain characteristicsthat make it very different than other dynamic languages, namely that it has no concept of threads. Its model of concurrency is completely based around events”. It makes really easy for developers to program in a evented way to do event programming.

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