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Magento Connect Development

Magento is an open source magnificent CMS for e-commerce websites which makes online shopping easy for customers all over the world. Magento offers highly innovative and functional shopping systems which is very handy. Among its contemporaries, it is considered one of the most secure and reliable.

Magento Connects are developed for interfacing with web applications. It is a powerful tool that helps you to build the website which you actually want and also improves the functionalities of websites.

Various Magento Connects

  • File System: It is an extension of Magento which allows the edition of files from administration panel, without interrupting FTP clients every time while making slight changes. This characteristic of Magento is less time consuming.
  • Facebook Comments: Facebook is a very renowned name in the field of social networking site it is the world’s largest social network with large fan following and attracts huge traffic.  This Magneto connect extension allows integration of shopping via Facebook.
  • Guest Book: Feedback is process which helps in the improvisation of product and responsible for profit. So, it encourages having a forum, where customers are free to share their feedbacks and their frequent questions can be answered.
  • Rating:  For online business, rating plays a very vital role because it is important to get opinions from users and to know what they think about the services and products.
  • Share Me: It is a more in-depth social integration tool which is also quite interesting and useful.
  • Forms 1.0.2: This form allows gathering information from visitors about their business requirements. Customized forms can be created with this Magento forms.

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