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Laravel vs CodeIgniter Development Services: Which One is Most Beneficial?

Today, I guess despite of many choices and developers in the market, people are aware of the fact that the purpose and idea of their project make them decide which PHP framework they should prefer.

No doubt, CodeIgniter and Laravel are the most trusted and popular PHP Framework but to choose the right one needs some parameters to count on.

Both of these open source PHP frameworks have their own benefits and relevance. Setting up CodeIgniter is uncomplicated and rapid, although, according to many reviews and rankings for “Best PHP frameworks in 2019”, Laravel is graded 1st that shows it has a little edge as compared to CodeIgniter because of its advanced and elegant features.

CodeIgniter is a huge community with around having 57,000 users around the world concluding that it has a quite great support system. However, from many sources, it has been evident that various developers, who once were using CI (CodeIgniter) themselves, find Laravel as more user-friendly and easier when compared to Codelgniter.

To hire CodeIgniter Developer, you must look for strong command in:
  • Installation as well as configuration of CodeIgniter
  • Use of Security Tools
  • Model View Controller
  • Other PHP frameworks
To hire Laravel developer, you must look for strong command in:
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Migration and views
  • Request initiation and input
  • Installation as well as configuration of Laravel

These Frameworks Have Opened Great Business Opportunities. You Can Avail Them Too By Hiring A Developer

They are great at their own track but many developers today suggest Laravel as the best platform when it comes to speedy delivery and to learn, especially for beginners, and it always prompts with solutions.

Key differences b/w Laravel and CodeIgniter

Structure and Updates
  • CodeIgniter: It follows the MVC structure of filing that was loosely based on Object-oriented Programming and provides easy on-boarding.
  • Laravel: The structure is MVC and comes with a command line tool called the Artisan.
HTTPS Support
  • CodeIgniter: The developers have to manage URL helpers to make the data transmission protected by developing pats as CodeIgniter does not support HTTPS route sufficiently.
  • Laravel: It supports custom HTTPS routes, and for every HTTPS route it allows developers to build a specific URL.
Learning Curve
  • CodeIgniter: It is easier to learn and use CodeIgniter for beginners.
  • Laravel: Laravel provides many features which are often difficult to learn and use for beginners.
Built-in Modules
  • CodeIgniter: Programmers have to use Modular Extension to create and maintain modules as it doesn’t support built-in modules.
  • Laravel: Programmers can reuse the modules across various projects after dividing a project into small modules through a bundle.
Support of other DBMS
  • CodeIgniter: DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Microsoft BI, PostgreSQL and MySQL compatible.
  • Laravel: JDBC, PostgreSQL orientdb, MYSQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and ORACLE compatible.
  • CodeIgniter:  It supports both implicit and explicit routing.
  • Laravel: As it is known that routing helps in increasing the performance and scaling up of web applications. To define various routes in the web application, Laravel gives a flexible approach to the Web developer.

How do I choose most beneficial framework for my website?

Let us understand them in detail and then decide whether to Hire Laravel Developer or to Hire CodeIgniter Developer for your business type.

About Codelgniter Development Services

  1. In case of CodeIgniter, the developers have to write additional code to create or provide a specification to simplify the development of APIs especially because unlike, Laravel development services, Codelgniter doesn’t provide or offer any feature of providing such specifications.
  2. Again, CodeIgniter has end number of features but when it comes to CodeIgniter developer then it doesn’t allow them to combine the programs and codes already developed in program of schema migration. Because Codeigniter doesn’t have a feature of providing a specification to simplify the database schema migration.  It has a very different one from Laravel development services.
  3. Apart from giving ease of configuration, security, organized structure, website speedy performance, and more, Codelgniter today somewhere considered as great developer- friendly tool for many developers. Although, it doesn’t support inbuilt module creation, so the developer has to use a modular extension to create any module sets.

About Laravel Development Services

  1. Laravel allows developers to produce or create an API with a REST assortment, when it comes to RESTFul controlling, without any effort to put any additional time and exertion.
  2. Laravel developers don’t have to share or make changes in the database mapping of the application without any error, complex code or difficulty. Because Laravel has offered its developers with great database skeptic relocation’s highlight to the developers, and apart from its package, it doesn’t demand any sort of database scheme development.
  3. Most noticeable point is Laravel developers can easily empower the modules into the separate task with the package itself. Laravel executed and planned according to whatever a developer demands. Apart from seeing its work with seclusive highlights, one can also see that the syntax pattern of this framework is expressive and elegant.


As we can conclude it now that both the frameworks has its own benefits and assets, but updates and features are the main elements a developer would go for. And we can see everywhere on the internet that most of the websites are today being built on Laravel or say Laravel is being adopted most in web application development due to Laravel having more features as compared to CodeIgniter. Well, in case of our applications needs and history of requirement, people opt for Laravela and CodeIgniter equally.

We also promise to deliver the easy error-handling with the team of most talented developers and cost-effective solutions to meet your project requirements.

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