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jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized JavaScript framework that allows developers to create applications for smartphones and tablet devices which is necessary for their growth. jQuery Mobile framework is reconcilable with other frameworks like PhoneGap, Worklight etc.

CSS3 and HTML5 have authority to build mobile web apps using a single codebase. jQuery Mobile comes brings a huge variety of themes and plugins which brings enhanced experience for users on varies mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and other devices.

Characteristics of JQM

  •   HTML5 is used for fast development and minimum use of scripting language.
  • Adherent to major mobile platforms and browsers like IOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows etc.
  • Minimum learning curve and syntax for users.
  • Light weighted which ultimately optimizes speed.
  • Core content and functionalities to all mobile devices like tabs and smartphones are brought to all mobile by progressive enhancement approach.
  • On newer mobile platform experienced rich, installed application like feature.
  • Initialization is done automatically with the help of HTML5. The data role attributes in HTML5 pitch all jQuery Mobile widgets found on the page.
  • To ensure that the pages work for screen readers and other supportive tools few accessibility tools such as WAI-ARIA are also included.
  • The process of supporting touch, black eye and cursor focus-based user input method using a simple API.
  • It allows customization of colors and some CSS aspects of user interface features that brings highly identify experiences.
  • New plugins which enhances control with touch-optimized, theme able control.
  • Creation of themes can be done by using 26 unique color swatches, which consists of a header bar, body and button states.
  • Coruscating visual experience and application of swatches is simple and easy.
  • For cross platform mobile experiences touch- optimised user interface widget is used.
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