HTML5 + jQuery : Replacement of Flash, java, Silverlight etc

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Since decades, Hyper Text Marup Language holds the top position amongst the most favourite for web planning, web improvement and web provision improvement. Various software and web development companies around the world are still depend on HTML for development and designing of flexible websites and web application.
HTML5 includes details of modifying dialects like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It provides designers all the properties required for creating next generation websites and mobile applications. Improved markup, enhanced capabilities and latest JavaScript APIs comes up with HTML5 that helps in designing of new apps.

Before initiating the advantage of HTML5 + jQuery its mandatory to know what is flash?

Flash is a software used to add animation to webpages. Millions of websites are using Flash. However, there are certain issues with Flash that are unaddressed. These are overcome by the combination of HTML5 and jQuery.

Advantages of HTML5 + jQuery over Flash, Java, Silverlight

  • Animation loads faster as compared to Flash: No additional plugins are required unlike in Flash, Silverlight as 99% of browsers support JavaScript.
  • Easy Creation: To create advanced effect in Flash, a programmer should have good knowledge in script. However, jQuery carries a lot of advanced plugins so that even beginner level programmers can download and use them easily for their web applications.
  • Better Mobile effect: Better adaptation to mobile platforms as compare to Flash or Silverlight. In fact, many popular mobile operating systems and browsers are yet to support Flash animations. Mobile devices have limited resources; therefore they can’t afford to support those technologies where consumption of resources is more. This is the main reason of using HTML5 and jQuery.
  • Abundant plugins and updated constantly: There are ample of plugins under animation category. You can browse and choose a plugin that precisely meet your requirement. Moreover, plugins are constantly updated to match new advancements in operating systems and browsers.
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