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How Businesses can Overcome Marketing Challenges Amid Corona

With 268,077 cases and 11,188 deaths, Corona Virus has become one of the deadlines outbreak till now. The virus has already been declared Pandemic by WHO and has become one of the major global health crisis. It has not simply remained potential public health pandemic, but also critically impacting global supply chains and markets.

After badly destroying the aviation and tourism industry, now Corona Virus Outbreak has also started impacting Gig economy and Marketing industry.

What will be the Impact of Corona on Digital Marketing, eCommerce & Advertising Industry?

If since long you were planning to launch your website or take your B2B business digital, then this is the right time to hit the market. Given that, markets are getting shut and people are put in quarantine, it is the right time to go digital and start targeting your audience. People working from home and sitting at home due to self isolation are engaging through digital media.

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Corona Outbreak has made people give a break to their social and connect over digital medium. Bringing your long planned website and applications into existence can be a boon as people are active day and night on their social account.

Here are some facts to strengthen what said above:

  • Companies invests  the largest chunks of their budget to trade shows and events, a moderate change in preferences can make you invest in web marketing
  • PredictHQ, a data intelligence company has predicted that in February alone there were approximately 500% cancellations and postponements of significant events.
  • This is the best time reviewing online marketing strategy and working on all the loopholes. Moreover, sitting at home you can perform research and look for the Offshore Web Development Company in countries like India where the spread of virus is still under control.

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  • Strengthening your focus on web marketing will help you keep your stability in these hard days and will give you a competitive edge over business competitors who have slow down their speed in this time.

How you can strengthen your marketing techniques amid Corona times?

1.Work Smart to Retain your Customer Base?

Out of sight in this digital era means out of mind. Keep in touch with your customers to avoid risk of losing them. It is always retain an existing customer than a require one. Content production is an essential ingredient for your tactical marketing campaigns and at this time you can keep in touch with them by educating them about the deadly Pandemic.

2.Use the Mere Exposure Effect:

Strengthen your SEO and Marketing using the Mere Exposure Effect. Build strategies that make customers develop a preference about your product or services. Utilize the low cost SEO techniques to keep your brand visible in front of potential clients. Learn technicalities of advance types of writing and Focus on creating high quality content that reduce your budget for generating low value and low impact content.

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3.Focus on Driving Conversions:

A low cost, high impact digital marketing technique to focus on is conversion rate optimization. Share social proof and positive stories about your business. Check how you are using your case studies and recommendations at every touch point. Utilize this time to weave throughout the website and share actively on social media.

4.Measure your Social Media ROI:

When budgets get tight, you need to make tough decisions on how you are going to spend your resources. One soft option might be to control your expenses on social media activity. However, stopping social media activity completely can impact the engagement and visibility.

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5.Test, Learn, Test:

In this crucial time, it has become important to keep testing and learning. Here is all that you can do to prevent majorly impacting your business amid Corona:

  • Experiments should be quick, cheap and easy to deliver
  • If it works, then keep performing the same.
  • And if it doesn’t work, kill the experiment and move on. Be quick and be ruthless.

The time is difficult, but B2B’s have a great opportunity at this time to take get their business online through web development and remain in touch with your audience through online marketing.   

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