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How to Find out if your Website is Slow? And How to Fix Them

Website speed optimization plays a key role in the success of your website. For example, it affects a variety of main metrics, including the perceptibility and conversion rate of your site. Streamlining the pace of your website is a must, but it appears to be precarious to figure out some way to do it.

Fortunately, there are a few open speed tests that you can use to assess if the display of your site has what it takes. For making sure that your website works properly, you should opt for website speed optimization services as well.

Why does a website’s Loading speed matter a lot?

Nowadays, users expect websites to be easy. When pages take longer than planned to be stacked, it adversely affects the user experience on your site (UX). This is problematic since your UX endures a shot at any time, so does your conversion rate.

Higher page abandonment and ricochet rates would probably be observed, too. To be more precise, consider demonstrating that an additional two seconds of stacking time will increase the skip rate of your site by 103%. Besides, a 7 percent reduction in conversion rates can only induce 100 milliseconds of additional stacking time.

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Is your website running slow?  

For businessmen, writers, hobby web developers, and anybody who has a site, it’s a normal situation. Also, visitors may wonder why their favorite Social Media, blog, or online stores are loading a site slowly. There are many Website Speed Testing Tools to help you learn in detail. Some of them are mentioned here.

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If you have a slow website, then continue to read this article till the end.

Learn how to accelerate your website, increase conversions, and the most common culprits of slow pages.

Reasons include:

1. Un-optimized Images:

When images are larger than a file, with no alt tags, and file names, they are not configured and can slow down the loading of your website.

Large files are saved as images that are generated in programs such as Photoshop. As they have a tremendous amount of information and consistency, and because of all these details,  they will load your website slowly.

To Fix it: Compress your images first to optimize them.  

Check out this example image that I compressed to give you an idea of how impactful these programs can be:

You want to retain the ratio intact if you resize an image. You would not only cause the image to lose the quality if you change height without changing its width, or vice versa. 

Instead of indicating the correct size in the website code, it’s necessary to adjust the actual image size.

2. Check for your CDN:  

You may have a slow loading website if you do not have a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

It is a feature of a CDN to support users on their site. It will link the website user much more easily by using a CDN with the server of your website.

A CDN also guarantees that a user from a close location to have access to his website. This helps to load your website quicker as the data travel between the user and your server is shorter.

To Fix it: You have to sign up for a service company if you want to implement a CDN asap.

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3. Website traffic:  

Another explanation for loading a website slowly is high website traffic. While information is traveling at light speed, so many users can only be hosted by websites until they slow down. Bandwidth defines the number of visitors a site can accommodate. 

To fix it: The only solution is to increase your bandwidth to preserve the fast loading speed of your web.

4. Ads, ads, and ads:  

Ads like photos, videos, and content take up room on your website and can lead to a website being sluggish. You can cause your site to load slowly if you allow third parties to advertise on your site.

To Fix it: Limit one or two ads per page. It will maintain the semi-fast loading of your page and maintain traffic to your website.

5.Have a look at your hosting services:  

To access your website online, you will need a hosting service. A host functions like a vacant lot on the property-the it’s the spot you’re building your site. When you type your website into a browser, the web host provides your site from your server.

Some facilities are better than others for web hosting. If you choose a cheaper hosting service, you may lose valuable customers due to slow load times.

To Fix it: In this case, to ensure fast use time, invest more in a hosting service. Commit more to the budget.

6.Social Sharing Buttons:

If you have such a large number of social sharing buttons, it is important to allow your users to share your pages on social media quickly, it can delay your page load time.

Altogether, as a module, you need to add them to your site for these buttons to take care of their responsibility. Every time they’re used, they also need to initially recover data from their specific social media site.

To fix it: Get the number of buttons for each page down to three or four. Without over-burdening your customers, this will allow you to target high-esteem social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Additionally, it will save your page from stacking data pages that are not used. Guests on your platform won’t miss them!

7. Less Time:  

There are a lot of components that can slow down your website. That means that you need to take a lot of steps to upgrade your site for fast load time.

You most likely do not have any additional opportunity to upgrade a website at the point where you are sustaining a company. That, too, is alright! Some professionals can do it for you and save you from a mild website.

To fix it: Hire a specialist 

To make your site load even quicker, hiring a specialist is an easy solution.

Professionals have the skill, expertise, and ability to easily guarantee your website stacks, and they can provide advice on what you can do and can help you with Speed Optimization Service as well. 

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