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How is WordPress a better web development platform? Interesting Stats & Facts

WordPress owns 35% of the internet as of 2021. The most favoured content management system (CMS) is WordPress. There is an increase in the percentage count from the last two years. This is the reason why WordPress Development Services have become popular in the digital era.

But, what is the cause behind the fame of WordPress development as a better platform for developing websites?

Let us get into the nitty-gritty of WordPress and its features.

What is WordPress?

WordPress, as known all over the world, is an open-source and free CMS. It is written in PHP with databases MySQL and MariaDB. Originally WordPress came up as a blogging platform. But, today, its evolution involves a large variety of websites. They may be forums, media galleries, mailing lists, learning management systems, online stores, and much more than these.

For WordPress to work, you have to install it on the web server as or You can share your ideas, stories, and build communities to make great achievements. WordPress functions because of PHP, which adds and extracts information and MySQL that manages the data in the database.

You may term WordPress as the operating system of your website. As it works behind the scenes for your site, you must use the latest version of WordPress for better functionality.

It is now time to answer the question, why is WordPress CMS development important today.

How is WordPress a better web development platform?

This section covers a comprehensive view of the features and advantages of WordPress CMS, as well as WordPress SEO. There is a logical fact behind every service that the open-source CMS offers. Everyone believes in evidence, and so here is the same. These statistics will make you realize why you should go for WordPress development.

CMS Market Share

WordPress owns 61.8% of the market share as a CMS. It means that more than 61% of websites that are based on CMS employ WordPress. Some of the top ones include Katy Perry, The New York Times, Bata, Variety, etc.

WordPress Download Stats

Being a user-friendly CMS, the WordPress download count is 7 million today. This stat is all about the latest version of WordPress. The number of downloads for previous versions is still not included in the count.

WordPress Never Stops

WordPress community is famous for providing its full-fledged support to users. To extend their help to the users, local communities prepare WordCamps to allow people to showcase their skills. Till now the number of WordCamps has reached 1,063 in 76 cities across the world. You can see how WordPress keeps improving it for the evolving tech world.

WordPress SEO Advantage

With WordPress, there is no need to worry about your SEO needs. The Yoast SEO plugin takes care of it. Moreover, there are both free and paid versions available for your convenience. At present, there are 7, 412,434 live websites that are using Yoast SEO plugin for their

WordPress SEO needs. Even companies hire a WordPress Development Company to handle their WordPress websites.

WordPress Languages

The best thing that separates WordPress from the vast crowd is its availability in different languages. WordPress 5.3 has evolved into 52 languages, including the most popular ones of the world. You can even translate your WordPress website into different languages. Therefore, you can attract a wider audience with WordPress.

WordPress Free Themes and Plugins

Whether you opt for Lawyer website development or small business website development, WordPress has themes and plugins for every business type. There are more than 55000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. You either choose from them or hire WordPress Plugin Development company to customize plugins for your company needs. You can even design your themes for a personalized experience.

WordPress Speed launches 50,000 websites daily. Such a significant count is the result of fast loading WordPress websites. With available WordPress SEO tools and plugins, you can boost the speed of your site. You can even hire a WordPress developer if you are unable to perform WordPress Speed Optimization yourself.

WordPress Usability

There are more than 75 million active users of WordPress. It states how widely is WordPress being used all over the world. CMS like Drupal and Joomla are 12 times behind WordPress. Every 6 months, there are 1.2 million new registrations for WordPress. There are 409 billion people who visit approximately 21 billion pages every month.

Secure Websites

The reason behind 13.2% of websites using WordPress is its adequate security. WordPress keeps an eye on every user and never allows unauthorized people to access it. The Akismet plugin of WordPress marks 7.5M comments as spam and blocks them from publishing. If you are looking for more professional help, you can consult a reputed WordPress Development Company. The experts are qualified people that extend their support to their clients.

The popularity of WordPress irrespective of business type

Are you looking for a Real Estate Website Development Company or you own a Law Firm? Do you have a small business website? Well, all these and even more questions have the only answer – WordPress. This open-source CMS can work for every business type and help in tweaking your brand reputation. Retail owners, healthcare professionals, restaurants, etc. are leveraging lucrative features of WordPress. There are themes and plugins for every industry.

Moreover, there are WordPress development services present across the globe to take your business to the next level. You just have to find the right people.

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