Do Magento Stack up Against OpenCart ?

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Magento v/s Opencart Development

Entrepreneurs who are on the fringe of establishing  their new e-commerce venture eventually come across a dilemma:

What Kind of e-commerce platform should I prefer while starting my  online business? Apparently when we talk about e-commerce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Numerous methods and tools are available which can produce desired results but few parameters are available which helps to choose the right e-commerce platform case in point, the size of your online store, your design preferences, SEO and visibility, last but not the least, your budget.

This article presents two leading challengers in the e-commerce market, Magento Vs. OpenCart, and delve into their features and preferences that may be helpful in deciding  which e-commerce platform to pick while starting up your online business.

Conventionally, Magento and OpenCart has ample of resemblance making them an open source platform developed in PHP, furtherly make usage of templates to upload products. Magento and OpenCart Development involves extensions, add-on products and plugins which can be added to them to support new functions thus making them resourceful. Another biggest resemblance is, Opencart and Magento Development supports multiple languages and currencies, resultant of which is they turn out to be a global solution that can suit businesses round the corner.

Furtherly, we have  compared Magento and OpenCart to ease your choice.

Complexity, Installation and Usage

OpenCart development is easier in use as compared to Magento Development . While installing OpenCart , it provides option of using numerous themes. Magento Development may seem a bit confusing. In order to maintain all the goods/services of your store easily, OpenCart Development may seem to be a better option unless you have enough of experience to improve Magento on your own. Moreover, if you choose Magento, a robust hosting plan is required to support site’s performance as compared to shared hosting.


In case of  Magento Development, as a store owner you should be aware about the fact that Magento is brisk in releasing patches and new updates to its users resultant of which is that your Magento store is always at the top of security and your customers feel secure about shopping from your store as compared to OpenCart Development wherein, OpenCart is not a slouch in terms of security but if you’re in a hunt of most sturdy and up-to-date security patches, then Magento is a best option around.


Magento has exceptional features which includes highly customization shopping experiences, unlimited design options, powerful SEO resources and unlimited plugins and integrations. OpenCart on other hand is some different concept which is of huge advantage  for start-ups that need to deliver quickly without many integrations involved. OpenCart Development  avails the facility of a powerful shopping cart and some great tools which are much easier for any professional developer  resultant of which is they find it simple with not enough features to play with.


Speed is another parameter while talking about which e-commerce platform is right for your online shopping business. Start-ups where only requirement is to deliver at a faster pace irrespective of much of integrations, OpenCart is the right choice for you as compared to Magento where to increase the speed you need to download free or paid extensions.

Pricing Policy

OpenCart is an open-source code system, resultant of which is that no subscription is required, the only thing required is download and installation. All you have to pay is for the e-commerce store for example, you have to pay for the hosting service. Basically, OpenCart is usually cheaper because of its light weight. On the contrary, Magento provides multiple services. Magento Community Edition (which is free of charge) and Magento Enterprise Edition (approximately $18,000 annually) are available to make a choice to run your store. Unlike OpenCart, Magento editions require license, but it guarantees confidence to its users. Prices may vary depending on the package selection. For the extensions, you may choose free and paid extensions as per your requirements.


While starting your online business , choosing a right e-commerce platform is a very vital step, you should be very well aware about your requirement as per your business goals. If you are a novice in the field of online business, OpenCart  Development is the platform for you to run a small online store. But if you prefer multi-store exposure with outstanding SEO capabilities, custom features, and various other aspects that helps you stay on top of your game, then Magento is one step solution.

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