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CoronaVirus Outbreak – Productive Work from Home Employee Management Tips & Tools

Covid – 19, aka CoronaVirus, has tremendously affected the lives of people across the globe. With 13,000 new cases every day, this fury seems unstoppable today. As per the advisory of the Government, the global stock market is experiencing a decline. Consequently, businesses are suffering from “no employee, no work” situations. There could be a loss of $2.7 trillion to the global economy!

The existence of such an outbreak is unpredictable. But, we can definitely work towards improving the condition. Here is a comprehensive set of tools and tips to ensure productive work from home scenario.

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For your understanding, the guide consists of three sections:

• Work From Home Tips
• Useful Tools for Meeting, Conferencing, and Tracking
• Online Training and Learning Systems

Productive Work From Home Tips

Entertaining remote work, removing all the geographical constraints is an excellent step towards coping up with the global and economic circumstances of Covid – 19. You can make it fruitful in the following ways:

• Make sure that you set clear expectations in front of your employees. State do’s and don’ts precisely sharing your guidelines for communication and tracking.

• Maintain seamless communication with your employees. Have personal contact numbers of all the employees to avoid a hassle in case of emergencies.

• Have faith in your team members. You may want to track their work but don’t make them feel like you are spying on them.

• Provide them with all the necessary tools they would require to complete their work. Keep your word computers flexible and software updated to ensure flawless work.

• Instil the same culture in your virtual office as follows in-house. You can schedule conference calls, group meetings, and a lot more to connect with them as a whole.

• Offer them opportunities to collaborate with their team for group projects. Various tools are available to help you out with this.

Online Meeting, Conferencing, and Tracking Tools

Slack is an excellent tool for communicating with remote employers and workers. With interactive chatting options, it allows you to manage and track your documents and set remainders.

Google Hangouts
It is an exceptional platform for video conferences for about 15 members. Instant messaging and screen sharing are other options to look for in Google Hangouts.

Zoom can be used as an extension of Google Hangouts when you need to organize a meeting for more than 15 members. Additionally, you can record your calls for future reference.

Figureitout Chrome Extension
Remote workers can work via this tool from all over the globe. Providing invaluable information, Figureitout also tells you about the time at your fellow worker’s location.

Google Drive
Google Drive is the result of significant efforts by Google. From storing your documents to editing them online, it manages them all at one place. You can share them with your team and can collectively work exchanging comments and feedback.

You can use Dropbox as an alternative to Email/Gmail for sending large files with a size of more than 25 MB. There is no restriction on the type of format you prefer.

Online Learning and Training Systems

You are aware of the effect of Coronavirus on the teaching environments. But, with the aid of the internet and technology, you can deal with the situation.

Webinar Ignition
It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to organize online events delivering essential details to your students. They can register and pay for classes and can join the event via a link. Group chats and downloadable links are also available in it.

Learning Management Systems
Learning management systems enables you to combine quizzes, videos, reading material, multiple lessons, and a lot more to your course. You can put the course on your site with these WordPress systems: LearnDash, Teachable, and LearnPress. There are some Shopify systems too; Courses and Thinkific.

Course Marketplace

If you do not want a learning management system on your site, you can host it on an external course site. The most popular ones include Kajabi and Udemy. You can upload your courses there were a lot of learners can find you easily. It requires you to pay for hosting, though.

We can not only hope for a sooner dismissal of CoronaVirus from the world but look forward to adopting precautionary measures also.

Meanwhile, follow these tips for productive work from home employment management. In case you need help with Web Development Services, contact F5 Buddy at [email protected] or call directly at  +91 913 159 9323.

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