Advantages of JQuery over Other Java Script Libraries

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For modern web developers or web based application developers, JQuery is like a boon. It basically can be defined as a Java Script library that intends to simplify the overall development process for the programmers. When it comes to Java Script libraries, several libraries can be found. One of the most popular and widely used libraries is JQuery. The reason behind its popularity is its seamlessness. Due to its distinct advantageous features, it is considered more beneficial than other Java Script libraries.

So, here are the advantages of JQuery Java Script Library at a glance:

  • Easy to Use – The main highlighting point of JQuery is that it is easy to use. In comparison to other Java Script libraries, it has to be said that JQuery is simpler in terms of its syntax. With lesser coding, developers can attain same features that other Java Script libraries offer.
  • Vast Library – Jquery library is vast, stuffed with various syntaxes and features. Several newly added functions are there, which would not be found in other Java Script libraries.
  • Powerful Open Source Community – Jquery has a powerful open source community, having plenty of developers or designers or webmasters. These webmasters devote a lot of time to enrich JQuery to the optimum level. Loads of prewritten plug-ins can be found in JQuery library.
  • Amazing Tutorials – Even a layman finds it to be quite easy to deal with JQuery library. It has some amazing tutorials for the newcomers or novice developers.
  • Ajax Support – Jquery also lets you to develop Ajax templates with ease. Ajax has a sleek interface, where developers can work on the pages without reloading the whole page interface.

Disadvantages of JQuery

Though advantageous from various aspects, JQuery has some prominent disadvantages to feature as well. Here are some of the listed drawbacks of JQuery:

  • Limited Functionality – Some high level developers would find that JQuery has limited functionalities in offering.
  • JQuery JavaScript File Required – To run the JQuery commands, you need JQuery JavaScript file. However, it is a small file, merely around 250 to 300 KM.

Analyzing both advantages and shortcomings, it has to be concluded that JQuery is an advanced Java Script library, which is developed for the modern or new generation programmers.

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