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8 emerging design trends of 2021

While the year 2020 taught the web developers about the power of e-commerce, 2021 has a lot in store for both web developers as well as designers. Here’s a look at what are some of the emerging trends in the e-commerce designing segment this year:

  •  The Smartphone Age: With the number of mobile users having crossed the magical 100 million mark, web designers and developers have set their eyes on mobile technology to provide top class Responsive Websites (mobile-friendly) to consumers.
  • Less Emphasis on Designs: E-commerce websites have shifted their focus on products and services, meaning a lot of white space on such sites. The idea is to increase both the number of visitors and conversion rates at the same time. So, not much happening with designs this year.
  • Focus on Online Security: As the numbers of visitorson e-commerce platforms are increasing with each passing year, it has become imperative for developers to enhance online security. This has led to the introduction of safer and multiple payment options with more focus on one-page payment methods. Discount coupons are also growing in popularity.
  • Better and Bigger Images: E-commerce stores are leaving no stone unturned to provide their customers with terrific online store experience. They are doing this by providing holistic view of their products and services, with some even going to the extent of providing demo videos on their websites for improved visitors’ experience.
  • Facebook Integration: It’s almost hard to imagine life without Facebook today. The same goes for e-commerce websites which are riding on this social networking platform’s popularity wave. The latest in the trend is the integration of products and services with Facebook. Social media badges have also grown in popularity in the recent times.
  • Digital QRs: QR codes have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in the past few years. E-commerce websites have now gone a step further to incorporate digital QR codes on to their web pages. This is expected to make the process of data transmission a lot quicker.
  • Faster Speed: Faster internet connections have decreased the patience level of customers with almost all of them expecting pages to download in the blink of an eye. E-commerce stores are responding to these demands with the help of SASS and LESS, the two CSS processors which have improved the speeds of such websites to a great extent.
  • Content Still Rules: Although the technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, but it has still not been able to undermine the importance of content. An e-commerce store still cannot except to succeed in this fiercely competitive market without a high-quality and SEO friendly content.


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