7 Most Trending JavaScript Frameworks in the year 2018

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This year is going to end soon and there is a number of developers who are working on the old JavaScript frameworks till now. This is the time when one should start using the new trends instead of working on the old ones.

If you will not use the new trends, then the competitors will get ahead of you and you will never want to stand behind them. There are many industries which are changing at a faster speed and sometimes it becomes difficult to change in such a fast manner. If you won’t pay attention to your speed, then you will lag behind your competitors and this isn’t healthy for your business.

Web development has seen improved trends these days. Each and every framework has the same goal which is the development of websites. Here is the list of top frameworks which can make you go ahead of your competitors.

1. React.js:

This framework provides awesome stability sense which is not found in a number of frameworks available in present days. This framework is created by the Facebook and offers awesome stability. It has become the famous JavaScript library as it can be used in the large-scale works. It also enables users to create a UI which is reusable in the future. Check out the main advantages of this framework.

• It allows better component structuring options.
• This framework can help you to develop SEO pages easily.
• It can provide a better mobile experience to the users along with the pairing of your web application.

2. Angular.js:

This framework is a live wire which is a nice option like React.js and it also ranks at the top frameworks when it comes to JavaScript. This framework is developed in two years and this is the framework which can help you to get better options. If you are looking for a better framework and scalable options, then nothing can be better than Angular JS framework a Well Known JavaScript Framework. There is a number of benefits which you can get by using this framework and here are some of them:

• It has got features like dependent injection, templates, and various other features.
• Its maintenance work is carried out by Google and you can definitely use this framework for a long time period.
• This framework uses a superset of the JavaScript as well as Typescript.
• The pre-rendering on this server provides better SEO and faster browsing to the users.

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3. Vue.js:

This framework will turn out a better competitor for Angular and React due its growing and improved maturity. This is a one-man project and past Google employee has developed it. There was no support of any IT company behind the development of this framework. The growth of this framework is quite outstanding and that’s why people can get various benefits with it. Here are some main advantages of the Vue.js framework:

• The lower entrance threshold can make the Vue.js run faster than other frameworks available in the market.
• It can provide easier integration with providing better writing components for the developers along with a number of HTML templates.
• The smaller size of this framework can do better integration in projects without any kind of slowed down speed.
• With this framework, it has become easier to process monitor development faster.

4. Next.js:

This framework is backed up by the Zeit Company and this is a kind of lightweight framework which is developed for static react works and enhanced server rendering. There is a number of web development applications which will improve in the coming days. It might not be perfect for the big project developments but when it will provide awesome simplicity. If you want to know about the benefits of this framework, then you can read below points:

• It has got code splitting options along with server-side render option.
• It also offers JavaScript universal support to users.
• React DOM, React router and web pack are easier to use for the developers.
• This framework is backed up by the company which makes the guarantees better framework support.

5. Ember.js:

This framework is basically focused on making things better and faster. This is a kind of pompous framework which can make your application in production faster. With this framework, you can be able to get a number of external tools which can make the project easier than before. Check out the main benefits of this framework which are enjoyed by the users:

• If you use this framework, then it can become easier to build applications.
• It allows easy inspection with the help of ember inspector.
• The ember inspector is useful in removing debugging and developing issues.

6. Aurelia.js:

This framework comes with smaller module options and has got better app development with restructuring. The developers are able to use the whole framework or the pieces. It provides support to ES 2016, ES2015 while this framework has awesome flexibility which can be used in a wide range of JavaScript solutions. Here are the benefits of this framework:

• This framework has got lower learning curve which can give the developers spend time in writing improved and productive code.
• There is a number of developers who welcome the MV architecture streamlining.
• You can also opt for the module piecemeal along with a complete framework.
• You can find a quicker framework with the practical situation and different types of options.

7. Bacbone.js:

This framework is in the market for a long time but is used by developers these days also. It is used in both new projects along with legacy applications which don’t require a higher perspective framework. It is regarded as a relevant and powerful tool for the developers. Check out the benefits of this framework:
• You can get better support and community resources with the framework.
• It is lightweight and also allows the developers to use whatever they want.
• Developers can select better tempting engines according to their own choice.
• It is easier to handle this framework even someone is a beginner.
• This framework is a better option for developing the application in your way.

These are the top JavaScript frameworks which are used by the developers in this year. You can complete your entire project requirement by selecting the appropriate type of framework. For many more such updates Subscribe Us.

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