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30 Best Google My Business SEO Tips For Small Business Website

Getting your small business listed in Google My Business (GMB) is the first step towards an effective local SEO strategy. Every company that aims to drive local traffic to its website and acquire more leads needs Google My Business Page Optimization. Let’s see how you can leverage Google My Business SEO Tips for local Search Engine Optimization.

30 Tips for Small Businesses to use Google My Business

1.Add Relevant Listing Information

For customers to reach and connect with your business, it’s crucial to add the correct business information to your GMB listing. Do not add any false details.

2.Make sure NAP details are accurate

Add your business Name, Address, and Phone correctly in the listing as they are integral for the small business SEO process. Your customers will contact you based on these details.

3. Don’t forget to add your website URL

Ensure that you put the same website URL as the one you used to set up your website. For example, if there’s no “www” in the actual URL, don’t stuff it here.

4.Maintain consistency across the internet

Make sure to add accurate details to the listing with the right business name (no spelling mistakes or typos), phone number (office line), and address (where you are located).

5.Try to add the primary keyword in the title

Though the title consists of your business name, adding the main local keywords can help with local SEO. Use a more thoughtful way to include the keyword, for example, “F5 Buddy: Small Business Marketing Services “.

6.Verify your GMB listing

Click on “Get your page verified” on your GMB screen. Google will send the confirmation via email, SMS, or postal code. Only after verifying your business, you will be allowed to make other changes.

7.Lockdown your Listing ownership

If someone else claims the ownership of your listing, request them to transfer the listing ownership to you. If your digital marketer is the owner, ask them to make you the listing manager.

8.Describe your business

Mention everything about your business. Who are you and what do you provide to your customers? You can also include keywords in your description to improve the local SEO rankings.

9.Select a relevant category

From the dropdown list, select the category that defines your business explicitly—for example, law firm, real estate, restaurant, etc. It highlights your business among your competitors if you employ the right local SEO services.

10.Add subcategories

There can be additional services under your domain. Add those solutions too in the subcategory section. Don’t forget to describe each service in short.

11.Optimize for multiple locations

Google My Business allows you to select ten different business locations for a single GMB profile. You can add more than 10 locations using the GMB dashboard.

12.Specify the right service radius

Mention clearly how long can you go to serve your customers. If you can cover not more than 20 miles, add the service radius without hesitation.

13.Avoid Duplicate GMB listings

Check if you have previously created a GMB profile with other business name versions. Merge or close these profiles as they can hamper your rankings.

14.Mention operating hours

Clarify your audience about your visiting hours and till when you are available to serve them. Do not create confusion mentioning 24*7 service and then closing the store at 5 pm.

15.Indicate seasonal offs and extended working hours

If you work for extra hours during the holiday seasons or special occasions, tell your audience. Also, if your company is closed on Sundays, mention this too.

16.Choose the right logo and cover photo for your listing

Don’t forget to add an engaging logo to your business listing. Choose an image and enhance it with a cover photo as it helps in small business branding.

17.Add a business gallery

To make your GMB profile more creative, you can add pictures of your work. Select photos that illustrate your company and its environment.

18.Upload quality videos

You can also add videos of your projects. It can be testimonials or product descriptions or a look at the interior of your organization.

19.You can go semi-professional with your gallery

You don’t have to add just your work pictures. Sometimes, your team photos or anything related to your industry can be demonstrated in the pictures and videos.

20.Create Google posts

Google posts can also include pictures and videos similar to your business gallery. Just add your company name to the visuals.

21.Include CTAs in Google posts

Learn more, Call us now, Book an appointment, Share, etc. are some of the CTAs (call to actions) that can go well with Google posts.

22.Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

SEO consultant for small business suggests collecting reviews from your existing clients. It helps in getting those gold-stars on your business profile.

23.Express your gratitude for positive reviews

When customers leave their feedback, don’t forget to thank them for their valuable response.

24.Respond politely to negative reviews

If some of your customers are unhappy with your services, reply to them courteously, addressing their issues. It shows how much you value your customers.

25.Participate in Q/A round

Question-answer rounds can be useful in knowing your audiences’ preferences and their doubts related to using your products and services.

26.Add Messaging and Request a Quote feature

These features can establish a direct connection with your leads that are willing to buy from you. It shows you’re readily addressing their demands.

27.Start a conversation with a welcome message

When a customer opts to start a conversation, welcome them with greetings. Send a message that makes them feel embraced at your store.

28.Download Google My Business app on your phone

Android and iPhone apps for managing GMB profiles allow you to reply to messages and be notified about other activities seamlessly.

29.Use Contact us URL in the appointment box

If you want your visitors to connect with you directly after checking out your GMB profile, add your contact us page to the appointment box.

30.Monitor your GMB insights

You need to measure your performance after investing time and resources in Google My Business SEO Tips. Google lets you check how your customers reached you, found your listing, their actions on the listing, their location, and their phone calls and visiting time.

Operating a small business involves managing a lot of responsibilities. We, at F5 Buddy, suggest an SEO expert for small business search engine marketing.

Connect with our SEO team to discuss more about Google My Business SEO Tips and your local SEO strategy.

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