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21 Lead Magnets to Grow your Email Subscribers

Lead magnets are the most effective means to boost the number of your email subscribers. Not having a good lead magnet can seriously impact the sale of your business.  In this article, we are sharing with some result-delivering lead magnet ideas.

But, before commencing, let’s have a basic idea about the lead magnet.

What is Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is an incentive that businesses offer to their potential buyers in exchange for the email address or other contact information.

If you want to generate leads online, the lead magnet is quintessential. Now, if you are thinking, why? Then, the answer is simple. Email is a personal stuff and people are not going to provide you their email address without good incentive.

For example, let’s suppose that you have blog posts on ‘the ways to prevent hair fall’, at the end of which you ask readers to join for future updates.

And, instead of this, you ask readers to subscribe to your email list and get free downloadable PDF.

Which offer do you think will get more signups?

No doubt, the second one.

Now, let’s understand what factors make a good lead magnet.

What is a good lead magnet?

Here are a few things that your lead magnet should fulfill if you want them compelling enough to bring signups:

Solve customer’s problem: Your lead magnet should be able to solve the problem that your prospective buyer has.

  • Should be Specific: The more specific the lead magnet, the better the chances of signups.
  • Quick to Digest: Lead magnets like PDF checklist, eBooks convert easily as customers are often overwhelmed by them.
  • Instantly Accessible: People love instant gratification so make sure whatever you are sharing is instantly accessible.
  • Valuable: Make sure whatever you are sharing is valuable to your prospective customer.

Now, since, you have got an idea of what is a lead magnet and how to create a good lead magnet, let’s have a look into some of the effective lead magnets that converts:

1.Cheat Sheet:

Cheat sheets are quite similar to checklists and could be a glossary of terms or simply summary of some key points. Cheat sheets are more like download-and-keep resource which don’t compel readers to implement or memorize your strategy immediately. Cheat sheets are also irresistible because they avoid the need of thinking too much.

Cheat sheets make users compel-in to your list, which is the ultimate aim

This is an example of benefit-driven cheat sheet for companies offering digital marketing and social media optimization services. When you have such cheat sheets, it becomes easy to go viral.

2. Template:

The template is not necessarily for web pages, but it could be anything that provides some sort of starting points and the user has to fill in the blanks.

If you wish to take your lead magnet to a step further, then you can create an entire collection of templates


The toolkit is a very popular and useful lead magnet for the business. This can be something that acts as a starter kit, templates or glossary of things that you will happy to have.

You can share the tools that are effective and are used in various marketing campaigns. You can also include design, process overview or instruction or Designer’s workbook if you are offering a toolkit for web designers.

Here’s an example of the toolkit:

The best part about toolkit is that you can become an affiliate for the products that you are mentioning in your list. So, the toolkit is not simply a useful resource for visitors but it also adds revenue to your business.

4.Web App:

The web application is an effective way of improving user experience, it exists on your website and users have to log in the app first to access its benefits.

Web apps are excellent ways to offer some useful facility to the user and get their email address in return.

For example, whenever you will go to use Grammarly, you will get a popup as presented below to install the different versions of Grammarly according to your browser.


A tutorial is a piece of informative content which teaches how to do a specific thing. Tutorials could be video or simply PDF having a list of steps.

As the online industry is evolving, people are enjoying learning through video tutorials. So, video tutorials are great lead magnets. Apart from this, you can also offer a lengthy and in-depth piece of content as a lead magnet, however, it provides a higher overview of the topic.

Here is an example of what Tutorial pop-ups could look like:


Although eBooks are lengthy and there are lesser chances to get a conversion through eBook. But, sometimes eBook can work and for eBook to bring results, you need to cover topics that are highly useful.

Why would anyone read 2000-3000 word content, when there are 5 to 7 minutes videos available on YouTube. Hence, always pick topics that can compel readers to become your subscribers.

Here an excellent example of an eBook:

7.The Ultimate Guide:

If you are in an industry which is already well established, then it becomes hard to come up with unique content. Sometimes your competitors cover topics in such a detail that it becomes impossible to add extra value. In such scenario, the ultimate guide is your go-to option.

An ultimate guide is comprehensive collection of the best articles about any particular topic

Here is an example of the ultimate guide:


Infographics are effective lead magnet that has chances of getting subscribers. And, the reason behind this is infographics perform well on social media. You can also use infographics as educational lead magnets.

It is better to give users creative and informative images rather than lengthy texts that they will boring. The extra level of detail and statistics added to the infographic make them stand out from your competitors:

Here is a good example of Infographics which can be used by digital marketing companies:

9.Event Tickets:

Similar to other lead magnets, you can also offer free tickets for a live event in exchange of an email address.

The best way to do this is promoting your lead magnet through social media posts. Your target audience would surely be the people who are interested in your offer and who would be living in the vicinity of your in-person event.

It is recommended to use Facebook marketing for this because Facebook has the highest rate of targeting compared to other lead magnets.


Slideshare can attract a lot of interest and are an excellent lead magnet option. They are a combination of Powerpoint presentations and information, which are combined to send information with few words.

Slideshare acts like built-in lead generation tool that allows you to convert your audience into email subscribers.

Here is an example of slideshare lead magnet:


Sometimes your email newsletter itself is irresistible that it can be a lead magnet in itself. You can send short engaging and entertaining mails with the option for recipient to signup for your newsletter.

For an instant, you are an online store providing cooking utensils, you can send a mail every day to your customer just like presented in the below image:


Quiz is most compelling lead magnet on the list so far and that is the reason why quiz have higher chances of conversion.

Quiz as a lead magnet is nothing but a set of question answered by users, the result of which they can only know after entering their email address.

For an instance, you run a website that sell organic products for hair and looking for subscribers for your newsletter, then you can run a quiz as presented in below image:

There are various websites that are bringing new subscribers for their mail everyday with quiz. Forbes runs a quiz that help students in finding the perfect university for them. Hostel Bookers, a website for making hostel booking, runs a quiz about what type of traveler one is.

This is the most easy and engaging way to get email address from the visitors.


The survey is mainly aimed at market research. However, survey, if used with effective strategies and compelling call-to-action, can be worked upon as result-driven lead magnet.

Through surveys, prospects offer their opinions and brands get an opportunity to improve their email data. The survey could be on any topic related to your industry, just make sure that questions are fun so that prospect doesn’t get bored while answering them.

For example, you can your visitors to share their experience with your website, which could further help you in improving user experience along with increasing your subscriber’s list.


Quotes could also be an effective lead magnet as people love quotes that inspire them and that are from influential people. There are many websites who have simply evolved simply by offering inspirational quotes to their readers.

Here is an example of quotes or inspiration tips as a lead magnet:


Challenge just like a quiz, is an entertaining and compelling lead magnet. What makes challenges effective lead magnet is urgency; they have a particular start date and end date. Moreover, challenges build brand awareness by fostering a sense community as everyone is involved in it at the same time. Challenges make it a lot easier to elicit desired behavior due to peer pressure.

For example, if you are yoga, cardio exercises or Zumba trainer, then you can run challenges like this:

16.Free Trial:

Ever shopped around an app or software tool? Then, probably seen a lot of free trials lead magnets.

Most software companies, digital marketing tool providers, plugin websites have a free trial option that brings them quite a large number of email subscribers every day.


Coupons are effective lead magnets to convert prospects who have reached the last stage of your sales. Coupons are an excellent way of converting people who are browsing your products. People mainly shop online to gain the benefit of deals and with coupon, you can provide them with amazing deals. This will not only result provide you email address in return but also increase chances of conversion.

For example, if run an e-commerce clothing store, you can run different sales and offer coupons as shown in the image:

18.Case Studies:’

Case Study is again highly-converting lead magnet that is mainly dedicated for the prospects who are at the bottom of sales funnel. This lead magnet gives them the required last push, which can turn them into your buyer.

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind while preparing the case study:

  1. Create a headline that hooks readers
  2. Share your backstory
  3. Share what is the problem
  4. Tell how you solve the problem

19.Early Bird Discount:

Early bird discount is a special offer in which product is offered at a reduced price, but to gain the benefit of this offer the person must register early.

You can reward your most enthusiastic prospects by offering early bird discount at the bottom of the funnel.

20.Free Shipping:

Free Shipping is one of those benefits of those benefits which everyone wants to gain while shopping online. So, if someone is very close to purchasing a deal, by offering free shipping you can simply seal the deal.

Here is an example of free shipping offers:


If you have a product catalog, then you can build your subscribers list through it by using it as a lead magnet. This is a perfect lead magnet, which could be used at the bottom of sales funnel for conversion. Just don’t forget to ask for their email address in the order form.

For example, if you sell furniture, then you can share your few exceptional designs with your customers in the form of a catalog. Just have a look at the image shown below:

So, this was all about 21 effective lead magnets that you can use at various stages of the sales funnel. Go ahead and pick one of these highly converting lead magnets as the next strategy of your marketing plan. 

Once you have created your lead magnet, you can easily convert with it by using highly-converting opt-in form. Don’t forget opt-in form also plays an important role in converting your visitors into your subscribers.

This is all for today. I hope you find this article useful. 

For more such updates, stay tuned!

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