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20 integral features that are mandatory for an ecommerce website

Online businesses are flourishing in the present era. Exceptionally designed eCommerce websites are the primary reason for it.

But do you know what makes eCommerce websites extraordinarily useful and most noteworthy for businesses? Several factors decide the success of an eCommerce website. But we concentrate on the three most significant parameters to consider it a unique product; Functionality, Design, and Features.

Remarkable eCommerce Development is the result of a perfect combination of these factors. Therefore, let us look at the features that contribute to the productive nature of your eCommerce website.

  1. User-friendly Behavior
  2. Great Logo
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Multiple Language Options
  5. High-Resolution Visuals
  6. Mobile-friendly
  7. Reviews
  8. Special promotion deals
  9. Product Wishlist
  10. Payment Options
  11. Customized Cart
  12. Clear CTAs
  13. Featured Products
  14. Product recommendations
  15. Effective Return Policy
  16. Social Media Buttons/Links
  17. Shipping and COD offers
  18. Answer FAQs
  19. Security
  20. Informative Content
  1. User-friendly Behavior

User-friendliness means that the website is simple to use, no matter who goes through it. But does that mean you compromise its elegance in exchange? Certainly not. The primary objective is to provide users with what they need in no time and without any complex procedures to be followed.

  1. Great Logo

Above all the award-winning features of a website comes the brand logo. An exceptional logo design works as the face of your firm. Therefore, it must indicate the objective of your company and build your brand value.

  1. Responsive Design

Responsive website design allows your website to be quickly rendered on a variety of devices and screen sizes. It makes responsive design one of the most significant eCommerce Website Features. No matter where and at what platform your website is used, it must respond to the user’s actions efficiently.

  1. Multiple Language Options

Due to the diversity in a language people use while visiting your website, you must offer them an option to communicate with it independently. Make sure your site has different versions for a variety of regions. As a result, your users can choose their favorite language/regions.

  1. High-Resolution Visuals

High-quality images and videos are at the heart of your website. Your buyers/visitors like to experience the reality, which you can highlight using different angles. Let them feel how your product works in different surroundings. Try to be more realistic with eCommerce development.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Mobile searches rule the present world. Therefore, optimizing your website to adapt to every mobile device is the need of the hour. 98% of sales experience an increase due to mobile website optimization. You allow more people to connect with your business.

  1. Reviews

Online reviews and testimonials are the most significant part of a website. Almost every online buyer relies on reviews from other customers to make their buying decision. Ratings and reviews work as user-generated content and help in winning the trust of your customers.

  1. Special promotion deals

Keeping your visitors engaged with your website in the initial minutes of their visit is essential. While implementing a good website design, you can also go for offering freebies. Promotional codes, exclusive deals, free shipping/COD, and even more could be on your offer list.

  1. Product Wishlist

Wishlist comes under innovative eCommerce features that allow visitors to collect their favorite items at a place. If they are not ready to buy it on the spot, they can add it to their wishlist. They will get notified on a timely basis about this list.

10.Payment Options

Make payment preferences available clearly to the users. If you wish to welcome a global audience to your eCommerce website, offer multiple payment options. Consequently, it leads to a robust user experience. Net banking, COD, credit/debit cards, etc., could be payment choices.

  1. Customized Cart

Provide a cart to your customers so that they can add or remove products easily. A customized cart helps them to use it any time according to their needs. It also notifies users if they have left something unpurchased in the cart.

  1. Clear CTAs

Call to action (CTA) buttons make it straightforward for people to take action on your website. Add relevant CTAs at specific pages to direct users to the desired action. You can link offer pages, contact us pages, or sales page with CTAs.

  1. Featured Products

When a visitor lands on your website, catch their attention with your best-selling products. It will show a list of all the best-selling products that can grab your visitor’s mind to give a thought. Add these featured products manually or by automating the task.

  1. Product recommendations

Recommending new products related to their old purchases is one of the hottest eCommerce Website Features. It suggests users accompany their purchase with helpful something and finally increasing your sales. They will think about buying something not intended before.

  1. Effective Return Policy

Sometimes due to specific issues, the customers may not find the product helpful. Or, they may get the product in bad condition. Employ robust return policies on your website; mentioning the terms and conditions is essential. Let them be free to return products they are not happy with.

  1. Social Media Buttons/Links

Add links to your social media accounts on the website. As a result, it will gain you more followers and help them stay connected with you every time. They will get to know about the latest updates too.

  1. Shipping and COD offers

There can be multiple shipping methods that may be convenient for your customers. Also, many of them prefer COD to make payments. Try to add at least one option that is low-cost for them. It will drive repurchases for your store.

  1. Answer FAQs

Adding an FAQs page on your website is a sign of trustworthy eCommerce development. Many people have common queries related to purchase, navigation, or product usage. Try to answer as many relevant questions as you can. It will enhance the usability of your site.

  1. Security

Provide a safe experience to your customers by employing security features on your website. Furthermore, your site has payment options integrated with it. It makes your website prone to threats. Adding SSL certificates can help you in ensuring the security of your website.

  1. Informative Content

While product descriptions are a great source of information, blogs can serve as attention grabbers. Posting articles related to trends prevalent for your products can attract people to follow your collection and eventually increase sales. Try to be creative with what you offer.

Top 4 Trends for Ecommerce Website Development in 2021

In this fast-paced world, nothing is constant. Ecommerce trends are ever-changing, and presently, the global ecommerce market is going through a transition period. Ecommerce websites are adopting revamped user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). To provide more convenience in an online shopping experience, a professional E-commerce Web Developer is now offering some excellent and trendsetting eCommerce services. Some of these trendsetting services are discussed below:

Responsive Web Design

Undoubtedly, responsive web design is the future of web designing. It is already famous, and it will continue to be popular amongst ecommerce website owners in the long future. Websites adopting this trend will eventually compete with other similar businesses belonging to the same business domain. When it comes to E-commerce website development, opting for responsive web design brings some proven benefits. Responsive websites are flexible, compatible with various computing devices, cost-effective, and highly user-friendly. As a major search engine, like Google recommends this kind of web design, responsive websites will also get SEO benefits.

Virtual Shopping Assistance

Professional ecommerce websites are now offering virtual shopping assistance to visitors or online customers. This interactive feature has proven high satisfying for online customers. Hence, the trend has been set – virtual shopping assistance is becoming an integral part of E-commerce Web Development.

More Robust Payment Gateway

Along with its various benefits, online shopping has also become a threat to online payment making. For online payment, customers need a secured payment gateway. The ecommerce websites, which feature highly secured payment gateway, are now successfully running their businesses. On the other hand, failing to provide a secured payment gateway means that even top-notch businesses lose their ground. Hence, secured payment gateway is an ecommerce trend that is expected to become more extensive in the coming days. Find professional E-commerce Development Services for integrating secured payment gateways.


Last but not least, another ecommerce trend that is ready to rock the world of online shopping is personalization. Ecommerce websites are now providing personalized accounts to the buyers on their websites. Buyers can refine their product search and can set several of their preferences through their accounts. Professional E-commerce Developer is often coming across such demands for ecommerce development from the business owners.

If you think you need an ecommerce developer to implement these features into a well-molded eCommerce website, contact F5 Buddy. We provide a wide array of eCommerce Development Services for businesses like yours. We aim to gear up the growth of your company with our customized solutions.

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