The Importance of Colors in Website Design

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One of the factors that play a huge role in branding and social media promotions but is often ignored by a lot of business owners is color. Not many people are aware of the impact colors have on people’s mind while buying a product or choosing a particular brand’s services. However, if colors did not play a significant role in customers’ decision making, you would not have seen the so called Fortune 500 companies spending considerable amount of time as well as money on choosing the right set of colors for their logos. Therefore, the truth remains that colors does have an impact on your business in more than a couple of ways.

Talk to any professional and well established marketer or Web Designer and they will tell you that colors do influence our decisions, although most of us are not very much aware of it. There are a lot of products that we choose (or ignore) based on their looks. No matter how much you try to deny it, but the fact remains that first impressions often prove to be the last impression.

 So why exactly do colors have an impact on our decisions?

A lot of studies have gone on to prove the fact that colors do trigger certain emotions within us, and most of the times we are not aware of it. Therefore, if as a marketer, you are ignoring the importance of these colors, then you are making a big mistake. Don’t believe me? Then why is it that you would find most of the tech and social media companies using a wide range of blue shades in their logos? Be it IBM, Facebook or Dell, blue comes out to be their preferred choice. The reason behind it is that the color blue is often associated with trust and loyalty. If you take a look at the logos of some other industries, you will find that certain sets of colors of preferred by specific industries. So, don’t make the mistake of treating it as merely a coincidence.

Do colors have a role in Website Designing? Absolutely! In fact, it is critical to your website’s success. For instance, if you want to attract the attention of your target audience, then yellow is a good option. Use it on pages where you want to draw their attention. However, you should try to explore different set of colors. Hire Professional Web Designing Companies which can help you pick the right colors. But make sure that you do not go over experiment with colors. Instead, stick with certain themes.

If you are finding yourself in a confused state of mind while choosing color theme for your website, then you should consider the suggestions of your marketing team or an experienced web designer. These people are usually well aware of the psychology that goes behind colors.

So pick the right set of colors while getting your website designed and make that vital first impression in the minds of your potential customers.

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