How important is the content optimization for SEO?

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When we talk about SEO, we always come across that “Content is King” therefore content optimization is very important SEO process.

I am writing on content optimization that one should implement on website as per the latest updates. Writing unique keyword rich content for web pages is very important for effective on-page SEO.

Key points for optimizing website content for SEO:

Content Quality: Well structured and meaningful short content without grammatical and spelling mistake is more effective than writing long content that is not meaningful and uses similar sentence again and again.

Keyword Density: Keyword Rich content is very important for SEO. A web page should have at-least       2-4% of keyword density. It is not worth creating many pages on the same topic instead a website page should have single topic of its own targeted with different keywords.

–       It is always suggested to use keywords in first paragraph of web page.

User Engagement: While writing, think once what your target user may like to read. Ask yourself that whether user will spend time reading the content or will leave immediately? Here Content quality matters because only quality content can engage your users on web page.

–       For user engagement not only the content quality but web page design and layout is similarly important.

Content Freshness: Regular updating content on website increases content Freshness which is very important. It has been suggested to have a blog page, article page or news page on each website where author can post regular updates in terms of Fresh content.

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